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Event Overview

  • 72 hr Zwift distance record attempt (max distance 72 hour Time Trial)

  • Rock Lake Activity Center, 229 Fremont St, Lake Mills, WI 53551

  • Thursday, March 1st @ 9 AM - Sunday, March 4th @ 9 AM, 2018

  • Fund rising event for the activity center for much needed building repairs.

  • Riders on bikes on stationary trainers connected to computers running Zwift

  • Runners on treadmills connected to computers running Zwift

  • Billy Volchko

  • Craig Haydock

  • Other athletes who sign up for the record attempt
  • Walk-ins – anyone who wants to ride or run for a few hours alongside us as we go for the record.
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Congratulations to our Riders! Billy Volchko beat the standing 72 hour record with a ride of 1,167.5 miles in 72 consecutive hours. This is a world record and it happened here in Lake Mills! Craig Haydock finished with 1,052 miles in 72 hours. With all our drop ins we did a total of 166 miles for a grand total of 2,385.5 miles collectively! We raised around $1,000 with this event!

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The Rock Lake Activity Center is excited to host accomplished ultra-endurance cyclists Billy Volchko and Craig Haydock as they attempt to break the Zwift 72 hour distance record while raising funds for the center.


Zwift is an online, multiplayer fitness game which allows cyclists to ride with others around the world, taking some of the drudgery out of indoor training in the off-season. The 72 hour challenge was the result of cyclist Derek Boocock’s 2016 inaugural Zwift 72 hour ride, in which he logged 1,602km (1006.6mi) in just under 72 hours. In doing so, Derek had bested a previous record set by Rob Brown in 2015 in which Rob rode 1000 miles (1609km) in 74 hours. Since Derek's ride, ultra-endurance cyclists Chris ‘Hoppo’ Hopkinson and Jasmijn Muller have surpassed Derek's 72 hour distance record.

Billy and Craig are riding not only in an attempt to break an ultra-endurance cycling record, but to also raise needed funds for operating expenses of the Rock Lake Activity Center. The activity center operates out of an old school building which is in great need of repairs. Proceeds from the event will be donated to assist with building repair projects.


Hailing from Fulton Ohio, Billy is co-owner of Brimstone Bicycles and is an accomplished cyclist with several first place finishes and holding multiple track records. He recently set a new track record at Big Jays Fat Ass 12-hour Race, took first place in the Mid Atlantic 12 hour race, and set a new 12 hour tandem cycling track record at the Worlds Time Trials. 

A local resident of Lake Mills, Craig is a relative newcomer in the ultra-endurance sport but recently took first place at the Minnesota RAAM Challenge. Both riders have their heart set on competing in the ultimate ultra-distance event... the Race Across America (RAAM).

Athletes of all abilities are invited to cycle or run alongside Billy and Craig at the activity center. Weather you want to cycle for just a few hours or go the full 72 hours for a record breaking attempt... Everyone is welcome!


Riding in Zwift is fairly straight forward. You need a bike, a stationary trainer, a few sensors to capture telemetry, a computer running Zwift and an Internet connection. Multiple stations will be set up with trainers and Zwift computers. Stations will be set up not only for our competitors, but also for walk-in participants who would like to ride alongside the athletes for a while, or perhaps just want to see what Zwift is all about.

Zwift also supports running (No longer in Beta!) and we intend to get at least one if not several treadmill stations set up for anyone who would rather run than bike during the event. To our knowledge, there is no 72 hour running record for Zwift... so you could be the first!

For all athletes (competitors and walk-ins), we will have fully functional stations for Zwifting set up for a standard road bike, but please indicate what equipment you will be bringing when you register so we can ensure compatibility with our equipment. You are welcome to bring as much or as little as you want, bike, sensors, stationary trainers, power meters, even your own Zwift computer station if you like.  As for runners, we will have at least one treadmill (hopefully more) and a Milestone Pods. If you would like to bring your own Pod or Stryd power meter, please let us know when you register.


We are still working making arrangements for food and hydration. At this time, please plan on being fully self sufficient. But, check back in as the event date gets closer.


A room at the activity center will be made available to sleep during the event. However, please bring your own cot, pad, pillow, blankets, etc.


Being an old school building, there are ample bathrooms; however, there is only one shower at the activity center. If you wish to shower during the event, you'll need to coordinate with someone as a door watch. 


Community support for this event is greatly needed and appreciated!
Volunteers are needed around the clock to assist the riders with hydration and food and for other situations which might arise. Volunteers are needed to assist with logging riders into the Zwift program and other technical support. Donations of carb-heavy food and hydration needs are requested for the riders. Please reach out to the Rock Lake Activity Center if you could assist in any capacity.

  • 72 Hour Riders - $300
  • 72 Hour Runners - $250
  • Partial/Drop-In Riders/Runners - $5/hour
  • Event T-shirts - $18/ea 

  • 72 hour athletes receive a free event T-shirt
  • Riders who complete the event will receive a special 72 hr cycling jersey (mailed after the event).
  • Runners who complete the event will receive a special 72 hr running T-shirt (mailed after the event).


Zwift doesn't officiate or sponsor this event directly, so the rules here-in are our own. However, to keep things as fair as possible, we feel it is necessary to establish some rules. These rules should also help make it as repeatable as possible for future athletes to make subsequent attempts at the record. As such, athletes participating in the 72 hour record attempt will abide by the following rules:

  1. Athletes are weighed in within 48 hours prior to the start of the event and their Zwift profiles updated accordingly.
  2. Zwift cycling stations shall be configured to use real power rather than estimated/virtual power.
  3. No electric or otherwise motorized bikes are allowed. The power data being transmitted to Zwift must be entirely non-stored & human generated.
  4. No substitute riders are allowed
  5. Athletes may use any normal bike and/or equipment available within the game. i.e. they may not use a specialty bike that is only available for a limited time/event.
  6. Riders may draft with the support of fellow Zwifters.
  7. Athletes may use "normal" in-game power-ups/boosts to their advantage, but may not use any type of promo codes or other methods to obtain additional boosts.
  8. The 72 hour time limit is a continuous measurement from start to finish without pausing or stopping. The 72 hour period will therefore be a cumulative total of all active and rest time. As such, plan your breaks and sleep times accordingly.


Rule #1 is a simple matter of making sure of an accurate simulation of a rider's real world ability.

Rule #2 is an extension of rule #1 to ensure an accurate simulation

Rule #3 should be obvious, but needs to be stated to stave off cheating by use of electric motors or other sources of power other than that being generated by the athlete during the vent.

Rule #4 should be obvious but still needs stating... this is a solo effort, not a relay effort. (although, there could be a lot of fun in hosting an event like that... 2019 maybe?)

Rule #5 first and foremost ensures repeatability by removing temporary bikes. But, it also gives the rider choice to use a faster TT bike that does not allow for drafting, or gamble with a slower bike but bank on drafting + power-ups.

Rule #6 exists for no other reason than to engauge other riders in the Zwift community to participate in the event.

Rule #7 is simply to deter cheating through in-game exploits.

Rule #8 is just for clarification that it is a single continuous effort and not someone putting in a few hours each day at max effort over the course of several weeks.paragraph here.

March 1st-4th 2018

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