Rock Lake 

Activity Center


5:30am- Straight up Strong with Janelle

8:15am- Total Body Conditioning with Mia


5:30am- Group Strength Training with Sharon

8:15am- 3-2-1- Bootcamp with Jess

9:30am- Strength and Stretch with Kate


5:30am- 3-2-1 Bootcamp with Jess *Through the Rec Department

8:15am- HIIT with Tatiana

9:00am- Chair Yoga at Trinity Pines with Susan

10:00am Yoga Lite at Korth Park with Susan


5:30am- Rise and Shine Bootcamp with Amanda *Through the Rec Department

8:15am- High Intensity Circuit with Matt


8:15am- 3-2-1 Bootcamp with Jess

1st Friday of each Month:

8:15am- Insanity with Jess (In replacement of the Bootcamp for those dates)

September 16-Nov 3

Non- member Drop in Session Rate:
1 Day/week       2 Days/week     3 Days/Week     Single Class
$27                         $50                         $69                         $5

Session 6 Group Exercise