Rock Lake 

Activity Center



5:15am                     HIIT- Tatiana

8:15am                     Total Body Conditioning- Mia *******


5:30am                  Group Strength Training- Sharon

8:15am                  3-2-1 Bootcamp-Jess​​

9:30am                    Strength and Stretch- Kate ++++++


5:30am                   Bootcamp - Jess Through Rec Department at Middle School

8:30am                   HIIT- Tatiana *****

9:00am                   Chair Yoga at Trinity Pines- Susan +++++

10:00am                 Yoga Lite- Susan +++++


5:30am                 Straight up Strong-Janelle

8:15am                  High Intensity Circuit- Matt *********​


5:30am                  Bootcamp (Rise and Shine)- Amanda Through Rec Department at Middle School

Rec Department class is free for RLAC members but registration is still required. If the REC does not get enough paid sign ups class will be held at RLAC as usual. Registration deadline through REC is January 13th. Classes held March 6- April 12

Recommended for advanced fitness *******

Recommended for beginning fitness +++++

April 15- June 9

Non- member Drop in Session Rate:
1 Day/week       2 Days/week     3 Days/Week     Single Class
$27                         $50                         $69                         $5

Session 2 Group Exercise