Tim Masker

Tim began training Kenpo in August of 1996 under Chet Chesher in Burlington Wisconsin. Chet had a mixed martial art background including American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu, Norther Shaolin Kung-Fu, and Kajukenbo. Tim received his 1st degree black belt in American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu under Chet in June of 1999. He continued to train with him until the summer of 2000 and then resumed training with him in Phoenix, Arizona between October of 2003 and September of 2006. During his time training Kenpo and after, he has spent time training Taekwondo, Aikido, Brazilian Jujitsu and Wing Chun Kung-Fu.

Tim is a Mixed Martial Artist and believes in using what works. Tim loves training martial arts and offer a basic education in Kenpo to all children 17 and under. He believes martial arts for kids should be fun and help them to develop an understanding of who they are. Knowing the difference between acting and reacting is one of the most important life lessons a person can get from training martial arts. This plays an important role in many self-defense situations. It’s also one of the differences between a senior who is not sure about college, and a senior planning their way to a master’s degree.

For adults Tim offers an education in Civilian Combat and Self-defense. No dogma, rituals or nonsense about what style is best. The best thing you can do is use proper posture and techniques that compliment your unique body shape and size. He is still trying to have fun but, as adults there are more serious discussions about what we are doing and why. We will train proper technique and then put it to the test until you are confident that it works. Some slip the jab and light sparring are essential parts of training.

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One of the original terms for Kung Fu in China is “Quanfa” which translates to “Fist Law”. In Japanese it translates to “Kenpo”. As the art of Kenpo moved through Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii and America, it changed and evolved based on the ideas of the practitioners and instructors. Kenpo’s core principles encompass linear and circular attack line theory. Physically we use rapid hand and foot combinations to take and control our opponents center while stopping their attack. There is a moderate amount of exercise specific to improving posture and strengthening the core and legs. Stretching to retain or increase flexibility and some tumbling to learn how to fall without injury. For those who enjoy martial arts, it is a good way to practice or learn self-discipline. It can help someone to keep in shape or even change their shape if so desired. It also challenges the mind and body to think and move in some effective but unusual ways.


Participants are expected to wear comfortable clothing that they can move in easily but is not too baggy. No special uniforms are required to participate.

Activity Center

Session 2: Feb 24- April 19 (No Class March 17 and April 14)

Tuesdays with Tim Masker

Rock Lake 

Time (Tuesdays)ClassAges     Member Price          Non-Member Price     
     5:20pm-5:50pm     Kenpo 16-9$30$40
6:00pm-6:50pmKenpo 2     10-13     $35$45
7:00pm-7:50pmKenpo 314-17$35$45
8:00pm-9:00pm     Adult Kenpo     18+$45$45