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Session 5: July 29- Sept 15

Non Member Drop in Session Rate

1 Day/Week    2 Days/Week  3 Days/Week  Single Class 
       $27                   $50                   $69                 $5 

Group Ex classes are free to members


8:15am                    Total Body Conditioning -Mia  *****

                    Group Strength Training-Sharon

8:15am                    3-2-1 Bootcamp- Jess


5:30am                    3-2-1 Bootcamp - Jess** Through Rec Department

8:30am                    HIIT- Tatiana

9:00am                    Chair Yoga at Trinity Pines-Susan ++++++
                 Yoga Lite at Korth Park-Susan  ++++++


5:30am                   Rise and Shine Bootcamp- Amanda

8:15 am                   High Intensity Circuit -Matt  *****

Recommended for Advanced fitness ********

Recommended for Beginner fitness +++++

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