Rock Lake 

Activity Center

Session 1: January 1- February 24

Bring a bike, water bottle, and towel and get ready for a fun and exciting team cycling experience that will incorporate the best of indoor cycling and motivational coaching techniques. First-time riders and seasoned cyclists can plan on getting the perfect work out. Suited for every age and fitness level, these sessions will focus on riding technique and efficiency. The most experienced cyclists will lead participants through this progressive course focusing on form, cycling efficiency, speed, hill climbing and riding in a pack. Each participant works at their own pace and level in the lively group environment. This one-hour workout will keep participants in cycling shape throughout the winter months complimenting the boring treadmill!   All who participate will be ready to hit the trails and roads again next spring!  FYI  Participants can store their bikes in the locked cycling room throughout the session!

Click above for your option. You can choose to pay for 1 session, 2 sessions, or 3 sessions (Only choose one option) or you can choose a punch card to use throughout the 3 sessions. Please only choose one option above. 

Session 7: November 5- December 23

Session 2: February 25- April 14


Saturdays 7:00 am

Saturdays Beginners 9:00am- Cancelled

                                     Classes                                              Member              Non-Member       
1 Session$30$45
2 Sessions$60$90
3 Sessions$90$135
10 Class Punch Card$50$50